To our fellow Richmonders

After a year of negotiations, hundreds of meetings, dozens of town halls, and countless hours of due diligence, we’re excited to finally share this project with the city we love.

As the NH Foundation Board Members, our roots run deep in this community. Each one of us is personally passionate about our city and its residents.

The words of Board member Dr. Pamela Royal capture the essence of our commitment to Navy Hill:

“I was born, raised, and educated in Richmond and believe in the transformational nature of this downtown revitalization project for both the city and our neighbors. I believe in the power of building stronger communities and taking this important step toward a historic and meaningful investment in the city I love.”

This is why we created the NH District Corp.: to help realize the Mayor’s vision of "One Richmond" by transforming this area into a thriving and diverse neighborhood that welcomes everyone.

The redevelopment of Navy Hill will have an impact on our city that reaches far beyond 10 blocks. The plan introduced this week offers a new vision for Navy Hill alongside investments in Richmond’s workforce and the city’s priorities. And we do it all without raising taxes or posing a risk to the city.

Both the NH team and the city have done their research – more than any other project in Richmond.

Since 2017, we have met with and listened to thousands of Richmonders so we could present the best proposal for downtown housing, transit, retail, entertainment, and more. Through workshops, community meetings, and surveys, we’ve received input from residents in every district. This is all to say that our full vision for Navy Hill reflects the priorities of Richmond’s neighborhoods, our residents, and our communities.

We’ve also studied the data, crunched the numbers, and put pen to paper to ensure we can deliver. Here are some key points:

  • More than $1 billion in estimated surplus revenue to the city will be generated from this project and will be used at the city’s complete discretion to fund its priorities in as soon as five years

  • The project will create 12,500 construction jobs and 9,300 jobs after construction, according to the VCU Center for Urban and Regional Analysis

  • The project includes thousands of mixed-income housing units and will provide the largest commitment to creating affordable housing units in recent years

  • An estimated $150 million in surplus revenue is dedicated to improving housing affordability, starting with 480 units, and with a pathway to hundreds more

This is an exciting time for Richmond — and we want to hear from you. In the next several months, we’ll be hosting events and opportunities for you to ask questions, share ideas, and learn about the Navy Hill proposal. You can find out more today by visiting our website, signing up for our newsletter, and following us on Facebook.

With your support, we can build the downtown we all deserve, for the city we love.

Melody C. Barnes
Martin J. Barrington
Thomas F. Farrell, II
William H. Goodwin, Jr.
Dr. Monroe E. Harris, Jr.
C.T. Hill
Dr. Pamela J. Royal

Jeff Kelley