More than a neighborhood.

Set within 10 blocks bounded by North 5th and North 10th streets, and between East Leigh and East Marshall Streets, North of Broad represents a path forward for all of Richmond — creating new tax revenue, new places to live, new jobs, and new economic opportunities. It’s about building a neighborhood to generate revenue that the city can direct to core needs: public schools, public safety like fire and police, roads and sidewalks, and opportunities for every citizen.

project highlights


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places to live

The neighborhood would bring 2,800 new housing units where none exist today. The proposal includes one of Richmond’s largest affordable housing commitments ever to ensure this historic neighborhood remains culturally rich and intentionally diverse.

repurposed armory

The downtown Armory's first floor will be fully restored into a 20,000-square-foot food market (its original, 19th Century purpose) to support a growing urban residential population, with entertainment and event spaces on the second and third floors. The adjacent Sixth Street Marketplace remnants will be demolished, opening the street back up to pedestrians and commerce.

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A 527-room conference and tourism hotel, designed to create hundreds of jobs and attract larger events at the Greater Richmond Convention Center—bringing more money to Richmond.

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a new arena

Major touring acts and sporting events will overlook “RVA” no more. In the footprint of the outdated and largely dormant Richmond Coliseum (which costs taxpayers approximately $1 million a year), we will create a best-in-class, 17,500-seat arena to serve the broad regional demand for sports, entertainment, and convention programming.

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new office spaces

Live, play...and work. Small businesses and larger ones will be able to put down roots downtown, as new office space comes online.

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New restaurants and retail

Ever try to dine or shop in the existing neighborhood? Good luck. But the new neighborhood will have thousands of square feet of ground-level retail and restaurant space.

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better connections

Reconnecting and reopening streets, designing them for pedestrians, bikes, and buses. Bringing Leigh Street back to street-level. Making the neighborhood walkable again.

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clean and green

All buildings and grounds will be constructed with the Earth in mind, providing sustainable green space and structures powered in part by renewable energy. 

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Project Impact

The project buildings, the new use of the land, a new hotel, the walkability, and the pedestrian-friendliness is certainly exciting. But look closer  and see a development that is designed in a way to create a substantial impact on the socioeconomic good of the entire city, including:



jobs and economy

The project would create thousands of jobs, both during construction and long after. These jobs will run a wide range of skillsets and levels, from hospitality and upper management to food service and medical research. Job training programs would be developed with regional educational institutions to help those who don’t have the necessary skills to gain all they need to thrive.

new tax revenue

As a taxpayer, you own the land at North of Broad. Today, it sits there mostly empty, earning you $0: no money to pay for your schools, your parks, police and fire departments, or other services. But if a private company built a building on your land, they would pay taxes to the City - to you. Under this proposal, that new money would go to pay for a new Arena and improved Armory, which you also own. City Council would decide how to spend any extra money above that.


If the City approves the proposal, North of Broad will deliver the largest level of minority business participation in Richmond history. Want to get involved?

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Get engaged.

The North of Broad proposal is built on extensive community engagement. Ideas from more than 1,000 Richmonders helped shape the proposal submitted to the city in February 2018. Now, there’s more to do — and there’s room for everyone. Find a place to live, a place to work, or a place to play. Whoever you are, whatever your background, there is a place here for you.



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