The North of Broad Redevelopment Plan

The goal of the North of Broad Redevelopment Plan is to create a more concentrated and densely populated downtown district - a place where the streetscape, buildings and events converge to create a memorable destination, a cohesive and inviting place for visitors and tourists as well as residents who thrive on vibrant places.

To achieve this result, the street and its public amenities have been re-imagined promoting a pedestrian-oriented environment. Density is achieved by wrapping existing parking structures with multi-family residential uses and activating underutilized properties and empty parcels. The Plan will reinforce Richmond’s existing urban networks while providing a logical hub from Center City to other actively growing districts to the north and east. 


The Plan's mixed-use development approach will allow for a compelling array of venues, including a new 17,500-seat arena, a new Blues Armory program that will include a food market to support the area residents, street-level restaurants and stores throughout a range of multi-family residential.

This density of use, coupled with the plan’s emphasis on a walkable, accessible environment, will also complement new and existing investment in downtown, including the new GRTC Pulse, VCU Health and the BioTech Park campus, and the Convention Center with its need for a new headquarters hotel. Equally important is the essential sense of a sustainable and active community that the Plan will provide to the growing number of Richmonders who prefer downtown living. 


The Plan retains the established historic urban grid and enhances the neighborhood's connection to all adjacent neighborhoods. Leigh Street, in particular, would be brought back to grade to better link the street grid and encourage pedestrian foot traffic. Streets that have been realigned or cut off in the past will be normalized to allow for a populated, two-sided street, while still maintaining traffic and casual street parking. 

A concentration of new ground-level retail and store front spaces will activate the planned pedestrian network of sidewalks and alleyways. The NAVY HILL Redevelopment Plan re-imagines urban streetscapes as opportunity for public art and programmed events. Street trees to provide shade for street furniture and public amenities will be placed at frequent intervals. Canopies and courtyards will create small, casual public gathering spots, provide and encourage street activity.

The North of Broad Redevelopment Plan first began as an idea to advance public sector goals – saving the long-neglected Blues Armory, replacing the Richmond Coliseum, and reconnecting the public infrastructure in the area.  Its next evolution involved the alignment of shared goals and collaboration with adjacent property owners and uses.

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